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-Welcome on this site dedicated to the SVXLink Card 
-{{ :​wiki:​300px-logo_svxlinkcard_hd.gif?​200|Logo of the project}}This project is in developement by  
-  * Juan F8ASB [[http://​www.f8asb.com|f8asb.com]] 
-  * Christian F5UII [[http://​www.f5uii.net| f5uii.net]] 
-  * Eugene W4EAE [[http://​eighmy.com/​ |eighmy.com]] 
-was initiated by Juan, during a public presentation of the amateur radio repeater in Vosges, F1ZBV [[http://​www.ra88.org/​radio-club-f8khp/​rencontre-f1zbvf1zbu-le-17-mai-2015/​| the 17th may of 2015]]. 
-===== Presentation ===== 
-This electronic board will be installed over a Raspberry Pi CPU card (Version 2, or version B+). It will be in interface with  
-  * a radio transmiter/​receiver (Link) 
-  * a radio transmiter (TX) 
-  * a radio receiver (RX)