Welcome on this site dedicated to the SVXLink Card

Logo of the projectThis project is in developement by

was initiated by Juan, during a public presentation of the amateur radio repeater in Vosges, F1ZBV the 17th may of 2015.

This electronic board will be installed over a Raspberry Pi CPU card (Version 2, version 3 or version B+). It will be in interface with

  • a radio transmiter/receiver (Link)
  • a radio transmiter (TX)
  • a radio receiver (RX)

It operates with the fabulous Open source software from SM0SVX Tobias: SvxLink

 Features of SVXLink Card

To start

The project is currently under development. We are ready to welcome you to the team, insofar as you can contribute to one of the listed topics.

  • Electronic
    • Theoretical competence
    • Practitioner of the soldering iron for testing
  • Documentation
    • Write user manuals (electronic assembly, software testing)
    • Translation (including English or other language)
  • Programmation
    • linux system competence (Raspberry Pi)
    • languages
      • Python
      • Linux shell
      • TCL
      • Apache / MySql / Php
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